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Where can I find real milk products?


I found a local person that sells me real milk right from her own cow! This site has listings for sources of real milk all over the US and even in other countries

My milk is raw and unpasteurized (and non-homogenized). I recognize there is a lot of controversy associated with milk and even more with raw unpasteurized milk.

Some people feel cow's milk and dairy products are not healthy for humans. On the other hand, some groups feel cow's milk is an ideal food - as long as it is raw and non-homogenized. And of course, the "official position" is that raw milk is not fit for human consumption or commercial sale, while ultra-pasteurized, homogenized, irradiated milk is perfectly fine - as long as it is reduced fat (which mine is certainly not).

What's my opinion? I disagree, to some extent, with all these views.

MOTOCROSS - David Bailey Can Use Your Help

In case you haven't heard, health issues have knocked down former Motocross and Supercross Champion David Bailey, and he can use your help.

Is there anything beyond traditional medical care that might help David Bailey? I would love to hear ideas that may help. Of course, I plan to donate money also.

MotoGP 2006 YTD

If you know MotoGP, then I'm sure you know that American Nicky Hayden is leading the world championship standings heading into the home GP at Laguna Seca next week. This is big news! If you are even the least bit a fan of any form of racing, you should try to watch the RED BULL U.S. GRAND PRIX on July 21-23, 2006.

Things that seem impossible: tooth enamel is capable of fairly rapid organic recoating and remineralization


Here is a quote I saw at a web site I stumbled upon today.

"There is nothing sacred about the original enamel surface...within certain limits, the enamel is capable of fairly rapid organic recoating and remineralization, when favorably exposed to salivary contacts." -- Dr. Sogannes, D.D.S.

Is it true that plant foods do not contain Vitamin B12?

Is it true that, "Plant foods do not contain B12 (all vegans should take B12)" as Dr. Fuhrman says?

I took a graduate medical school course in nutrition in 1983. In that course, the professor made this same statement, and I challenged him on it (because of some research I had done on my own). After some of his own research, the professor came back and admitted to the class that I was right, but he also defended his original statement on technical grounds.

He had stated his position the same way as Dr. Fuhrman did, in the quote above, but he also stated that only animal foods contain B-12. When he conceded my point that foods such as bananas contain Vitamin B-12, he explained that because micro-organisms actually produced the B-12 in the bananas -- and because he classified those micro-organisms as animals -- he was technically correct!

Internet’s First Amendment

Here is a nicely written article on the question of net neutrality.

One of the guys I work with wrote the article.