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Poll respondents: Obama will be nominee

The air of inevitability that once surrounded Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Rodham Clinton has shifted to challenger Barack Obama. In a new national USA TODAY/Gallup Poll, those surveyed predict by 73%-20% that Obama will be the Democratic nominee.

Democratic voters hold that view by nearly 3-1.



From The Capital Times
2/22/2008 11:59 am

Sen. Russ Feingold said today that he voted for Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama in this week's Wisconsin primary and indicated that he likely will vote for Obama's nomination as one of the state's "superdelegates" to the Democratic convention this summer.

I Refuse to Buy into the Obama Hype (now a supporter)


Barack Obama on 60 Minutes


Immigration Ideas


The economics of population demographics suggests that the USA needs a strong inflow of immigrants to compete with India and China in the future. India's middle class population will dwarf the entire USA's population. The size of a country's market is a source of strength for its economy. Corporations merge in order to become larger and more powerful. Size is also an advantage for India and China. Allowing people who want to live in the USA to come here and contribute is allowing them to merge with us and that makes the USA stronger in the long run.