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Dietary Protein Recommendations

A reader wrote to me about protein recommendations in Dr. Fuhrman's diet (Eat To Live). The reader suggested that consuming 20% (or more) of one's daily calories from planted-based protein is a good thing to do. His comment inspired me to summarize what I think I know about protein recommendations and healthy diets.

The evidence I’ve seen shows two things:

A Direct Link Between Diet and Antisocial Behaviour


A friend, David Brown, of the Nutrition Education Project, sent me this article. I found it interesting enough to post. (The article uses UK spellings.)

By Felicity Lawrence
Tuesday October 17, 2006

Newspaper Article on Raw Milk

The web site for the Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper published an article titled, "Sales of raw milk growing in [Pennsylvania]". The article also has an associated poll asking, "Would you drink raw milk?" Anyone can vote in this poll, even if you do not live in Pennsylvania or the US.

The article presents both sides of the raw milk issue and it includes a link to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration web site on the safety of raw milk.

My past articles on milk include these:

Must Read Information for Organic Dairy Consumers

Motocross - David Bailey Update

The following is from David Bailey...



Last week, the sport showed it best side. The All-Star Extravaganza was a success thanks to the industry stepping up and showing its support and generosity. From the people who helped me carry out my vision, to Danny Harvell of Cahuilla Creek, to Ken Faught and his partner Jason Williams of Pole Position and the riders who gave their time the day after the season was over, I can never truly express my appreciation.

Melatonin Glaucoma and Sleep

In my prior article, I referenced a study that made these conclusions (I paraphrase):

These findings strongly support a significant role for the neurotransmitter glutamate in the optic nerve damage characteristic of glaucoma. Present results suggest that an excessive increase in glutamate levels could represent an initial (and probably reversible) insult responsible for initiation of damage that is followed by a slower secondary degeneration that ultimately result in optic nerve cell death.

Although ocular hypertension is probably the most important risk factor in glaucoma, several other factors may significantly contribute to the optic nerve damage that is the real concern in glaucoma. In a previous report, we showed that free radicals in the eye might be involved in optic nerve cell death. Other authors have postulated that excessive levels of nitric oxide may contribute to this optic nerve damage.

Supplement Brands Not All Equal


Some brands of vitamins, herbs and food supplements do not contain exactly what they advertise. It has been this way for at least 30 years that I know of, and it has probably been this way much longer than that. Unfortunately, it appears we will continue to have supplements on the market that do not contain exactly what they advertise.

Pointing this out was one of my main objectives when I wrote this Glucosamine article. However, some readers felt that article was biased in favor of one particular brand. The reason I named a specific brand that works well is because I tried many brands that do not work at all. The brand of supplement you purchase can make all the difference. Below is another example.

About two weeks ago updated its review of garlic supplements. They found that almost half of all the garlic supplements they tested failed their test (subscription). Here is a summary of what they found.