A Mighty Wind Blows


I just came across two good links at Marianne Williamson's website. Here they are:


Every once in a while, a mighty wind blows.

The political sentiments now storming America in the form of support for Barack Obama are a mighty wind indeed. For those trying to say this is all just hot air, it's time to point out that so is a windstorm. And storms have a function, in nature and in us. They blow away everything not built on a firm foundation, and make room for a lot of new growth. Read more at the link above.

The Peace Alliance is a nonpartisan citizen action organization representing a growing constituency for peace. A 501(c)4 organization established in May 2004, our mission is to empower civic activism for a culture of peace. Our vision is a future in which the practical programs and principles of peacebuilding are the bedrock of our personal, national and global interest and investment. Our goal is to take the field of peacebuilding from the margins of the political and societal dialogue and bring it to its rightful place: Central to our policymaking, investment and understanding. We achieve this primarily through a massive public education, outreach and citizen lobbying effort. Our current focus is the campaign for a cabinet-level U.S. Department of Peace.

Peace is not a utopian ideal; it is an issue critical to our national and human security.  Read more at the link above.