Al Gore Should Endorse Barack Obama If He's Not Going To Run For President


This comes from Zennie Abraham. I am not sure who he is, but I liked this post.

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As you know unless you've crawled under a rock, Al Gore was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize , and the media's immediately speculating on what his plans will be -- in other words, will he run for President?

Gore has stated several times that he will not run and that at some point in the future, he will endorse a candidate running for President.

Gore should endorse Barack Obama, and not just because Barack's the best candidate, but because Senator Obama -- of all the candidates -- is the only one who signed the Live Earth pledge, encourages his supporters to do so , and takes Gore's efforts so seriously he consistently refers to them and to the Global Climate problem on the campaign trail.

Moreover, Senator Obama's energy plan is specifically designed “to combat global warming and achieve energy security." In fact, the campaign website states...

"Global warming is real, is happening now and is the result of human activities. The number of Category 4 and 5 hurricanes has almost doubled in the last 30 years. Glaciers are melting faster; the polar ice caps are shrinking; trees are blooming earlier; oceans are becoming more acidic, threatening marine life; people are dying in heat waves; species are migrating, and eventually many will become extinct. Scientists predict that absent major emission reductions, climate change will worsen famine and drought in some of the poorest places in the world and wreak havoc across the globe. In the U.S., sea-level rise threatens to cause massive economic and ecological damage to our populated coastal areas.:

By contrast, Senator Hillary Clinton did not have her supporters back the Live Earth pledge or give it attention on her website. And while she mentions her admiration for Gore, she does so with a caveat that she does not agree with all of his ideas -- like what?

She said ....

"You know, I have a great deal of respect for Vice President Gore. He has been beating the drums and sounding the alarm of global warming for many, many years. He has never given up on his mission to try and raise awareness and to get the country to take action. I may not agree with everything he proposes -- I don't agree 100 percent with anything that any one person proposes -- but I am certainly grateful to him for being such a public spokesman."

Well, now that spokesman is a Nobel Prize-winner. Gore should back Barack Obama.