Clinton Has It Wrong About Florida


"If you are a voter from Florida or Michigan, you know that we should count your vote," Clinton is quoted as saying by the Detroit News in her speech at the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in Washington on Wednesday.

I am a white male voter from Florida and Clinton is wrong about me. I know that first and foremost, the rules of the game should not be changed after the game has started. Clinton agreed with her party that the delegates would not be seated. Now that she needs the delegates, she is trying to change the existing agreement.

The more I see of Hillary Clinton, the more I understand why I don't trust politicians. HRC cannot be trusted to be in charge of anything that requires integrity.

The other thing I know is that officials in Florida need the immediate oversight of the Carter Center. Florida will make a mess of all things related to voting -- indeed they already have with this primary date screw up. They need outside oversight now! Without independent outside oversight, Florida is sure to face questions about the fairness of any new vote in the Democratic Primaries.