I'm back!


My blog was down for a couple days and my Internet service provider (ISP) was not very quick to resolve the issue. In fact, they didn't really want to fix the problem at all. However, it looks like things are finally working again!

My ISP is Comcast. I host this site on my own server. The reason my site was down was not due to any problem with my server, nor was it related to my software. The problem was apparently a network problem on the Comcast network, according to the diagnostics I ran. But I had to guess about the problem because I can't get access to Comcast routers (obviously) and the Comcast tech support people would not investigate the problem for me.

Comcast wouldn't create a trouble ticket on this issue because of the fact that I host this site on my own server. Comcast doesn't officially support that. In fact, tech support told me that if the "authorities" at Comcast found out, they would ban me for life! I told them that if they didn't allow me to host my blog on my own server, I would leave Comcast quicker than they could ban me. It strikes me as silly to not allow a customer to host their own blog on their own computer. (Furthermore, I'm not even sure if what the tech told me is true because if Comcast truly didn't want to allow me to host this site on my own server, they would simply block port 80.) I'm going to continue to host this site like I do now. I like having full control over my server and I prefer to manage all the techie stuff myself. I don't need Comcast to host my web site, but I do need them to give me reliable Internet service.

That said, I have actually had a good relationship with Comcast for a long time. The tech support person told me that Comcast (actually the company Comcast acquired) first introduced high speed cable modems in 1999. However, I know that I was actually using the company's high speed cable modem service prior to 1997. (I actually think it was 1995 or 1996, but it was definitely prior to 1997.) That means I was using their cable modem service at least 2 years before it actually existed (at least according to the tech support person!). I think that fact alone should make me an especially valued customer. ;)

I've been on the Comcast high speed Internet service for at least 10 years, and during that time my Internet service has rarely been down. I've been very happy with the service overall. I'm also very happy that they don't block common ports like many other ISPs do. The last few days were not good, but that is an exception. Normally, Comcast is great -- and they are definitely the best of the commonly available options I have.

If Comcast forces me to leave, I would go to a business class SDSL service. It will be more expensive, but it will also be faster and even more reliable.

However, in terms of expense, it's interesting to think that I have paid Comcast more than $6000.00 for cable modem service during the time I have been their customer. And I have paid them an additional amount of at least that much for cable TV and digital telephone service. (I was one of the first to sign up for telephone service through the cable modem long ago, but they ultimately canceled that service before recently reintroducing it.)

It will be interesting to see if Comcast does ban me for life because I continue to host this blog on my own computer. Wish me luck! ;)