Confusion and Bias in Florida Over New Vote Plan


I live in Florida and it is a great state. However, our state government has demonstrated several times in the past that it has problems fairly administering the voting process. A new crisis is brewing now. If you have any interest in fair democratic elections (anywhere in the world), you could make a call or send an email to help make sure the Florida officials do the right thing this time.

If we have a new vote in Florida, the right thing is to have the Carter Center oversee the entire process from beginning to end. That is, if we have a new vote.

The real right thing to do would probably be to stick to the original Democratic Party agreement -- which was that the national party would not seat Florida's delegates if Florida disregarded the party rules in regard to scheduling its primary vote. Florida did disregard the rules -- on purpose -- and Florida should not try to wiggle out of the mess it got itself into. However, Clinton is maneuvering to steal the Democratic nomination from Obama and changing the decision in Florida is her best hope at the moment. Clinton, with the help of her supporters in key positions in the Florida government, is pushing for any plan that will allow her to get delegates from this state. (Clinton's ugly politics remind me of the way Bush used Florida to get to the the White House in 2000. Clinton is angling to do the same thing!)

Today's New York Times has an article entitled "Democrats in Florida Are Near Plan for New Vote." I question the accuracy of the title, but it is important that if a new vote is held, it is conducted fairly. The NYT article points out why a fair vote will be such a challenge.

Here is a proposed solution that makes sense to me:

If you like the idea of having the Carter Center oversee a fair election, join the Yahoo Group Michelle set up to coordinate this effort. You can find it here:

You can also check out the Obama website here:

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Great Blog - it hits all the

Great Blog - it hits all the important points. We'll just all keep working the problem and hope for the best.