Motocross - David Bailey Update

The following is from David Bailey...



Last week, the sport showed it best side. The All-Star Extravaganza was a success thanks to the industry stepping up and showing its support and generosity. From the people who helped me carry out my vision, to Danny Harvell of Cahuilla Creek, to Ken Faught and his partner Jason Williams of Pole Position and the riders who gave their time the day after the season was over, I can never truly express my appreciation.

My Ironman journey landed me at an event that was created to help a below the knee amputee Ironman triathlete, who was then hit by a car while training leaving him a quadriplegic. The event raised more than they expected so they kept going with it. Now it raises well over a million each year, but more importantly, it pays that money back out to athletes worldwide who suffer some type of handicap

I saw the same opportunity for motocross. Last week was the beginning of what I believe can raise the same kind of money or more each year for injured riders past, present and future. To all who were able to attend and to all who donated their time and for the enormous bids, thank you!

Our best estimate at this point at what was raised that night is right at $100.000! The school at Cahuilla Creek brought in another $30,000 and soon, there will be an eBay auction for the items that were left over from Pole Position. Things like Mike Metzger’s gear, a Supermoto experience with Darryl Atkins on a factory Aprilla, which includes a set of THOR leathers! Also, my former mechanic Cliff White brought Jean Michael Bayle’s Taichi chest protector from his final race in the US, the year he won all three titles.

The point of this year’s event was to help me. I have a trip to Atlanta in about three weeks on a special jet (like the one that transported Fonseca to Colorado) since I can’t sit. I’ll be getting another surgery there followed by 2-months of recovery if all goes well before heading home on the Angel flight again. Once that heals enough to get around a little, I have to have surgery on both knees so they will bend again. This has been a rough ride, but nothing compared to Chase Borders or Buddy Duffy who crashed at the Atlanta SX. Those are kids as well as others I intend to help as best I can, but unfortunately my situation will devour a lot of what was raised this year. I’m hoping to have some left over to deliver to as many riders as I can. In the years to come, all of the money will go out to others. I believe we can raise half million next year!

This is a bit long winded, but you all have a right to know how much was raised and how I’m doing. Transworld has some photos and a little write up, but it was mentioned prematurely in there that all my needs are taken care of, which isn’t true. Even if it were true, there are more riders who really need a boost and a little relief and hope, so please, don’t stop donating even if it's just 20 bucks. It adds up. Plus, it’s a tax-deductible donation and it will get to the ones who need it!

Without my family and my brothers' creative ideas that helped give it a classy look as well as the video he put together, Rick and Tina James, Shawn DeCloedt, Mark Edwards and Full Circle founder Don Flaner, none of it would’ve been possible.

McGrath, Ryno, O’Mara, RJ, Pastrana, Vuillemin, Alessi and Millsaps also made it work. Short wanted to be there to teach, but his knee wouldn’t let him. His wife Jackie more than made up for it by bidding on everything! Thanks you guys.

I also want to thank the Clayton Foundation for stepping up very early on with a large check. To receive that when I was pretty low was a wonderful feeling. I can’t wait to pass it on.