Nation’s Largest Organic Milk Marketer “Deceiving Consumers”


This comes from The Cornucopia Institute. It's worth bookmarking the site.

Legal Complaint Filed by The Cornucopia Institute at USDA

Contact: Mark Kastel, 608.625.2042

WASHINGTON: One of the nation’s most aggressive organic watchdogs filed a formal legal complaint today (8/10/06) against the country’s leading organic brand, Horizon, alleging a well-financed campaign to greenwash milk produced at factory farms that fail to meet USDA regulatory standards. The complaint and call for a thorough investigation was filed with the USDA’s Office of Compliance.

The crux of the controversy, which has smoldered within the organic industry for over six years, stems from a small handful of industrial-scale dairies, managing 2000-10,000 cows, that are allegedly producing milk in feedlot conditions without adequately grazing their cattle as required by law. Read the rest of this entry »