Drumstick Leaves Saag Recipe

Drumstick Leaves Saag
Source: http://ayurvedic.org/ayurveda/recipes33.asp

I found this recipe interesting because I have been looking for foods to help with low blood pressure at night. drumstick leaves are one of the foods that can help with low blood pressure. Here's the info (from ayurvedic.org):

Indian name: Sahijan pati saag(Moringa oleifera)    

Ayurvedic Properties
Taste: Katu (pungent), kashaya (astringent) tikta (bitter)
Quality: Laghu (light), ruksha (dry), tikshna (sharp)
Potency: Ushna (warm)
Post-digestive effect: Katu (pungent)

Medicinal Properties
Drumstick saag is beneficial in asthma, bronchitis, arthritis, diabetes, and low blood pressure. It shows positive effects in amenorrhea and reduction of weight. Being warm in potency, it is very effective against digestive disorders such as anorexia and flatulence. The rejuvenating effect of drumstick on the nervous system makes this a useful recipe in nervous debility and paralysis. This drumstick saag increases lactation.

The leaves are highly nutritious, being a significant source of beta carotene, Vitamin C, protein, iron, and potassium.

Dosha Analysis:
The recipe pacifies kapha dosha and vata dosha, but increases pitta dosha. Hence, persons having pitta constitution should use it sparingly.

    * 2 cups of drumstick leaves
    * 1 medium sized onion
    * 4 cloves Garlic - approximately 2 tbsp
    * Grated fresh coconut
    * 1/2 spoon haldi
    * 1 tbsp refined soybean oil
    * Salt to taste


   1. Do not cut the drumstick leaves with a knife. Just leave as it is. Wash and drain the water.
   2. In a pan, heat oil. Then crush the garlic and add to hot oil. Cook until it gets a little brown. Take care not to burn it.
   3. Add the chopped onion and cook until translucent. Add the drumstick leaves, turmeric and salt.
   4. Do not pour any water. Cook this on slow heat until it gets a little dry.
   5. In the end, add grated coconut to the saag to taste. The coconut is added to remove the bitter taste in the leaves and can be left out if one does not care for the taste of it.

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i have spent last 6 hrs on ur

i have spent last 6 hrs on ur blog and read almost all of it!

i have a question for you.... wots ur opinion on mushrooms (shitake), kefir and kombucha?

amazing.... ur point on ghee seems on the spot... i too have intuitively believed this and even had fights with my mom on it (she is a doctor) for the last 15 yrs.

i also agree with ur point on bring ayurveda to modern age...... being born and brought in a hindu family in india .... i have noticed that we tend to contradictory/confusing fables/myths.

for example we will told a story citing that vishnu is the best/strongest god...... 20 min later we would be told a story on how god shiva is the strongest of gods......

do you see similiar trends with ayurvedic texts, i got the impression that you do/did read them? (sorry i have not read any original sanskrit texts)