FDA Outlawing Holistic Options


In April I posted an early warning about new FDA regulations that could
affect food supplements and other alternative medical therapies. You
can find that post here: http://freeradicalfederation.com/843.

Many people are saying that the FDA is getting ready to issue rules
that would prevent us from buying all types of nutritional supplements.
The new rules would make supplements only available through medical
doctors. Some legal experts feel the new rule might also outlaw the
practice of all holistic medicine that the supplement ban does not
cover. Either way, to save our right to treat ourselves any way we
choose, Congress needs to hear from millions of Americans quickly.

Here is some additional information that friends have emailed to me:

In the last 2 weeks, Congressman Ron Paul, the only member who defends
the constitution, has said that his bill, the Health Freedom
Protection Act, H.R. 2117, is the best way to defend our rights
against this proposed unconstitutional administrative rule. A
description and link to the text can be seen here:

Also: our access to the supplement DHEA is under attack again:

Finally, new information on international law unconstitutionally being
adopted by the U. S. Government as domestic law, which will ruin our
food supply:

It's also important, when calling or writing, to say that you do not
want any type of controls or ban on nutritional supplements under any
circumstances and you do not want Codex Alimentarius (explained in the
last link) or any other international law adopted here in the U.S.
I have included a handy copy-and-paste letter below to save time for you.

Additionally, if you happen to feel as strongly about it as I do, you
could also let your member of Congress know that his action --or lack
of it--in preserving these essential freedoms will decide how you vote
in the next election.

The phone numbers and addresses for the Senate and the House of
representatives are all available at www.house.gov and www.senate.gov.
It's important to call, fax, and send a postal letter because this
lets your member of Congress know that you are serious about this and
will take the time to do these things.

To Stay on top of this issue, I reccomend:



If anybody knows of any other good sources, please  let me

Letter text:

Dear Representative/


My right to access holistic medicine and to treat myself in any way I
choose is of primary importance to me. Please preserve my rights by
co-sponsoring and voting for H.R. 2117, the Health Freedom Protection
Act, by Rep. Ron Paul.

Please also introduce legislation to stop U. S. implementation of the
international law known as Codex Alimentarius or any other
international law concerning food, nutritional supplements, medicine,
or any other subject.

I consider this issue extremely important and your actions on this
matter will determine how I vote in the next election.

Sincerely, _______________________