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I want to announce that... is online as of today! is a community site focused on good vision. It has blogs and forums to help you enjoy your best vision and gain or maintain fit eyes.

Fit eyes are for everyone. Fit eyes are resistant to the degenerative diseases of old age. Fit eyes are less prone to middle-aged loss of ability to focus clearly. And fit eyes are for the young and active who want to perform at their best.

Hayden and RossiWhether your dream is to become the next Valentino Rossi or Michael Jordan, or your concern is simply to maintain your independence into old age, fit eyes are the key.

In recent years, research has proven that the same types of physical fitness activities (such as weight lifting) that produce champion athletes also help seniors throw away their walkers and regain lost vitality and health. Anyone of any age can benefit by from a properly design fitness program.

This principle is true for fit eyes as well. At we support community discussions about maintaining or obtaining fit eyes through better nutrition, improved lifestyle and proper vision habits. is an innovator in the area of maximizing athletic performance through natural vision improvement. However, we also feature bloggers who are focusing on vision health issues such as glaucoma.

Sight is our most precious sense. Make fit eyes your best defense.

Eye AnatomyPoor vision has become an epidemic now -- and many of us are fully aware of that fact and it leaves us unsettled.

According to a Harris Poll, when people were asked their greatest fear, 26% responded "cancer" and 25 percent responded "loss of vision." In another poll, Elizabeth Sloan found that among middle-aged respondents, 85 percent feared losing their vision to 81 percent who feared cancer.

"At least 63% of American adults wear glasses or contacts, and 59% of workers need vision correction, according to the Vision Council of America,"  says Employee Benefit News.

More and more children require corrective lenses at younger and younger ages. Fitness standards for activities such as military service are continually being lowered because not enough people meet the standards for good vision.

If you are interested in improving your vision or maintaining good vision, then welcome to the community! Members of our community share a passion for gaining and maintaining fit eyes through things such as good nutrition, alternative and complimentary medicine, herbs and nutritional supplements, learning proper vision habits (includes the Bates Methods), eye exercises, antioxidants, organic foods, vitamin supplements, and the latest research from around the world.

If you aren't sure where to get started, please consider visiting the blog by's founder here. Or if you are interested in glaucoma, please take a look at Dave's personal case history, The IOP Querent, here.