Florida House Speaker is Delusional


I am reading an Associated Press article entitled Fla. Presidential Primary Re-Do Unlikely By BRENDAN FARRINGTON.

The article quotes House Speaker Marco Rubio saying, "The state did what its job is. We held a presidential preferential primary Jan. 29. It was legal, it was accurate, it was fair, it was open."

That is an incredible statement to make. The primary was held on a date which everyone knew would disqualify the delegates. We voters were told our votes would not count. How does that make for a fair election? The state of Florida is doing everything except what would be considered "doing its job."

Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean is quoted as saying,"When you change the rules in the middle of the game, which is what's being proposed here, you've got to do it in a way that both campaigns agree is fair." he said. "The best option is whatever we can get the candidates to agree with, which puts a vote back in the hands of the people of Florida and Michigan. And that's going to be not so easy to do."

There is one other option: don't change the rules in the middle of the game!

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The Speaker is Delusional.

The Speaker is Delusional. The DNC said these votes do not count. I voted understanding my vote would not count. I don't feel disadvantaged. Nor do I wish to have my tax-payer dollars used to pay for "Hillary" based election. Floridians should consider this good practice for the general election

What we cannot do is rewrite the rules in the middle of the game. Let's move on and let this thing go.