Floyd Landis already looks like a Tour de France winner

Floyd looked fantastic climbing Alpe d’Huez today. He looked like he had more in reserve than any of the other GC contenders.

OK, so the Tour de France isn't really motorcycle racing, but it does get in the way of the Motocross broadcasts on OLN TV, so I figure I can squeeze it in here too.

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Well, that winning form

Well, that winning form didn't last long. Today was a very disappointing day for America's hopes of crowing another Tour de France champion. Very sad.

Wow! Today's Stage 17 was

Wow! Today's Stage 17 was incredible. Landis won by a huge margin and put himself back into contention for the overall win.

Today Floyd showed the grit and determination that I hoped to see. Reading about Floyd in the various Lance Armstrong books gave lots of hints that the guy is one powerful force - and I mean powerful mentally, emotionally and physically. Reading about him gave me the impression that Floyd has an emotional power inside that is a little like what drove Armstrong. Let's hope so.

Of course, Floyd is different from Lance and he is driven in a different way. That's good. Floyd's interview after his stage win was enjoyable. Floyd seems like a very open guy. I would love to see him win. Even Lance is pulling for him.

OLN TV says there has never been a win like today's in the modern era of cycling. That's powerful.

Here is a nice article on

Here is a nice article on Floyd's win today:

"...many longtime devotees of professional cycling said they had never seen a performance — from Armstrong, from the legendary Eddy Merckx or from any other cyclist — like the one produced by Floyd Landis on Thursday in southeastern France."

Congratulations to Floyd! He

Congratulations to Floyd! He rode a truly remarkable race.

For anyone interested in

For anyone interested in Floyd Landis's situation, check out this article on his blog:

Here is a typical reader comment on Floyd's blog entry:

Lynn Says:
October 20th, 2006 at 4:53 pm

"Floyd and Defense Team,
Good luck to you with your defense. The procedures outlined in the documents you provided are so flawed, they should all be thrown out along with the license of the French lab and Dick Pound’s contract. These procedures should certainly not be acceptable when the Tour de France title and an entire career is on the line. Clearly, these jerks have their own agenda, and that agenda is not to stop doping, it’s to stop individuals from winning that are not those they support."