Hillary goes for her opponent's golden throat



I was one of those who "gave the Clintons a pass on their every shenanigan for eight years"  so this article caught my attention. Here is an excerpt:
Wednesday, February 20, 2008
Kevin O'Brien

Plain Dealer Columnist

Hillary Clinton has finally figured it out. If she's going to win the Democratic presidential nomination, she's going to have to shut Barack Obama up.

She hasn't been able to shout him down, even with her most grating jet-powered-nails-on-a-chalkboard delivery.

Nor has she been able to drown him out with the torrential downpours of wonkery she can produce when she struts her policy stuff. During a phone interview with our editorial board, she went into full rapid-fire, data-burst mode - 320 words per minute and 14 breaths per hour.

Runs in the family, you know. Bill always said he didn't inhale much, either.

But neither Hillary's lung capacity nor her volume has kindled Democratic voters' enthusiasm. They like this new guy Obama - though that's not the same as saying they'd like to hear more from him. They're satisfied with just two words: "hope" and "change."

Hillary wants to play a hand full of policy aces, but Obama's is solid trump. When she tries to beat him at the hope and change game, it just falls flat.

"Hope" sounds so much more believable, coming from him.

As for "change," even Democrats who gave the Clintons a pass on their every shenanigan for eight years can't help but pick up just a whiff of overused sheets in the Lincoln bedroom. Smells, they say, evoke the strongest memories. Who can blame them for wishing to avoid another four years of averted eyes, crossed fingers and forced indignation?

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