MOTOCROSS - David Bailey Can Use Your Help

In case you haven't heard, health issues have knocked down former Motocross and Supercross Champion David Bailey, and he can use your help.

Is there anything beyond traditional medical care that might help David Bailey? I would love to hear ideas that may help. Of course, I plan to donate money also.

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Update: I just donated to

Update: I just donated to help David Bailey, and I want to say that Full Circle Foundation makes it easy - I used PayPal to donate and it took less than a minute.

Can you fill me in real quick

Can you fill me in real quick about what David's condition is like? What is going on?

Here is an update from Cycle

Here is an update from Cycle News:


The Full Circle Foundation is looking for items to auction off for the David Bailey All-Star Extravaganza that will take place September 11 at Pole Position Raceway in Corona, California.

The world's fastest motorcycle racers, including Jeremy McGrath and Travis Pastrana, will be in attendance. and the event has the potential to be the biggest auction of it's kind to help injured riders. Please send your items to Pole Position Raceway, attention David Bailey Auction, 1594 Bentley Dr., Corona, CA 92879.

I talked to David,s dad at

I talked to David,s dad at the amateur nationals I grow up on an organic farm and have been certified for 16 years I have also racewith David when he was an amateur. I am from Ohio we have the Cleveland Clinic here which has a great care unit. The CEO has a great beleif in natrual organics and that have a great sports healing facility. I didn't get very far with Mr. Bailey but my wife work in a care unit that takes care of people with David's condition. Natural healing works we have free places in ohio for him.

Thanx for your time,

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