Must Read Information for Organic Dairy Consumers


While browsing at The Cornucopia Institute's web site, I found this rating table for organic dairy marketers. This is a gold mine of information. If you consume organic dairy products, it is worthwhile to look up your brand in this table. I will absolutely not purchase an organic dairy brand unless I check here first.

The table could still be more complete, however. I would like to see information about the pasteurization process used (VAT or ultra-pasteurized) and whether non-homogenized products are available. For the butter marketers, I would also like to see information about whether the butter is extruded (as most is) or churned (as it should be). Here is an example of a butter that is hand churned.

The milk I am purchasing right now, Natural by Nature, received an "excellent" rating of 4 cows (based on 1085 points). Organic Valley milk also received a 4 cow rating, but received 1135 points. Both are rated well. But from the table, Organic Valley would seem to be the (slightly) preferred product.

However, that is not how this table should be read. As I said, it doesn't go into enough detail about product quality. Natural by Nature milk comes in glass containers and it is not homogenized. Organic Valley does not come in glass, and it is only available (as far as I know) in the homogenized and ultra-pasteurized form. Natural by Nature milk is the superior product by far.

I think The Cornucopia Institute's rating table is an excellent place to start learning about organic dairy products. They deserve a great thanks for putting this table together!