Poll respondents: Obama will be nominee

The air of inevitability that once surrounded Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Rodham Clinton has shifted to challenger Barack Obama. In a new national USA TODAY/Gallup Poll, those surveyed predict by 73%-20% that Obama will be the Democratic nominee.

Democratic voters hold that view by nearly 3-1.

The Illinois senator has surged to a double-digit lead nationally over Clinton, walloping her 51%-39% among Democrat voters as their preference for the presidential nomination. The poll of 2,012 adults was taken Thursday through Sunday.

His 13-point lead — his first outside the survey's margin of error — is at odds with a separate Gallup tracking poll. Taken Friday through Sunday, it gave the Illinois senator a narrow 47%-45% lead over Clinton.

Both candidates are stumping for next week's primaries in Ohio and Texas — states that even Bill Clinton has described as must-wins for his wife's candidacy to have a chance of prevailing.

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The Clinton campaign is increasingly operating on the basis of fear, negativity and divisiveness. In her struggle to win at all costs, Hillary Clinton is alienating more and more voters. Voters seem to be recognizing that the confidence, good judgment and competence with which Obama manages his campaign is the same way he will manage the country as President. In contrast, people seem to be picking up on the fact that Hillary's management style is much less effective and that it is not something we want to endure again.