Newspaper Article on Raw Milk

The web site for the Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper published an article titled, "Sales of raw milk growing in [Pennsylvania]". The article also has an associated poll asking, "Would you drink raw milk?" Anyone can vote in this poll, even if you do not live in Pennsylvania or the US.

The article presents both sides of the raw milk issue and it includes a link to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration web site on the safety of raw milk.

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I guess it boils down to how

I guess it boils down to how close one is to the source (ie. the cow) in terms of procurement, & if there are any links in between - how trustworthy/ethical they are with their practices of taking correct care of the cow.

Its also related to how soon the fresh milk will be consumed, just as the same freshness factor applies to produce (ie. how soon they will be consumed after being harvested)

I suppose they may have a list of guidelines for such 'correct care', but I'll have to learn when the time comes. I hope there are such 'courses' out there to learn how to keep a cow & take care of it :-)

We are going to be milking

We are going to be milking our goats,and having kids i think where going to play it safe and pasterise our goats milk