Why would the government want to [outlaw unprocessed natural milk]?

Mark McAfee, of Organic Pastures, describes it as a matter of “two paradigms in collision:” the push to eat “whole, unprocessed foods” that will fill our bodies with “a supply of good bacteria to help our immune systems” on the one side, and the idea that we have to sterilize bioactive foods on the other. And as soon as you try to get into the nitty-gritty details of the scientific debate, comparing for example FDA attorney John Sheehan’s 69-page anti-raw milk PowerPoint presentation with the über-crunchy Weston A. Price Foundation’s 71-page “point-by-point rebuttal,” you do indeed get the sense that you’re witnessing an ideological incommensurability along the lines of Aristotle-Galileo, Newton-Einstein, and Einstein-Bohr.

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Are industrial dairy producers interfering in the market for raw milk?

The board of Western United Dairymen, an organization that lobbies on behalf of California’s dairy industry and has a representative that sits on the California State Board of Food and Agriculture, is “in strict opposition to raw milk, not because they think it’s wrong but because they don’t want competition."