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Is Yellow Dal (Split Mung Bean) Safe? Part Two


Part One of the Article, Is Yellow Dal Safe?, can be found at this link:


In this part I want to show photographs of what I feel is strong evidence that some kind of coloring is added to the yellow dal commonly sold in Indian food stores. I compared a sample of certified organic yellow dal with a sample of standard yellow dal.


I rinsed both samples the same way and I took photographs of the water used to rinse the dal. If you are keeping up with the news about food safety and healthy foods, you are aware that foods are sometimes artifically colored while the manufacturers claim that they are not adding any coloring. The recent USA Today article says,


When Consumer Reports tested 23 supposedly wild-caught salmon fillets bought nationwide in 2005-2006, only 10 were wild salmon. The rest were farmed. Farmed salmon gets its coloring from dyes added to food pellets the fish are fed, while wild salmon gets it from the plankton they eat. "When you cook it, the wild salmon retains its color, and in the aquaculture salmon, the color tends to leak out," she says. Suspicious consumers can call the FDA's Center for Food Safety and Nutrition hotline at 1-888-SAFEFOOD.


Using that same logic I compared these two samples of yellow dal, one organic and one from my local Indian store. These photos show that the non-organic dal is a brighter yellow in the package. And I was shocked to see the amount of color that comes out in the water after rinsing this dal. In my mind, there is no way the bright yellow color of this water is natural. The yellow dal manufacturers's may deny that they are adding coloring to the dal, but I think these photos are proof that they are indeed doctoring the food.

Give Our Blessings To Obama


We are all going to pray for Obama every day. Each day we will be expressing our gratitude for having Obama as our President. My wife came up with the idea to have a special ceremony performed for Obama, so we are going to do that in the next few days. I hope all of you will pray for Obama every day. Here are some ideas about how to ensure America's well-being under President Obama. (These ideas are inspired by The Secret.)

Send your love to President Obama. Even if you didn't vote for Obama, it is in your best interest to support his efforts to revitalize America.



Why would the government want to [outlaw unprocessed natural milk]?

Mark McAfee, of Organic Pastures, describes it as a matter of “two paradigms in collision:” the push to eat “whole, unprocessed foods” that will fill our bodies with “a supply of good bacteria to help our immune systems” on the one side, and the idea that we have to sterilize bioactive foods on the other. And as soon as you try to get into the nitty-gritty details of the scientific debate, comparing for example FDA attorney John Sheehan’s 69-page anti-raw milk PowerPoint presentation with the über-crunchy Weston A. Price Foundation’s 71-page “point-by-point rebuttal,” you do indeed get the sense that you’re witnessing an ideological incommensurability along the lines of Aristotle-Galileo, Newton-Einstein, and Einstein-Bohr.

Read the whole story here:

The Trap: Clinton's "Briarpatch" Strategy For The DNC Rules Committee Meeting


This is must-read material! It is a little long, but it is worth the time to read the whole thing!

"Barack Obama and Howard Dean are about to walk into Harold Ickes' trap tomorrow, and they aren't likely to even realize their mistake until Hillary Clinton cries "foul!" next week and announces that "justice" and "voters' rights" are forcing her to carry her campaign all the way to the Democratic Convention next August."

World Prayer Circle 2 For Obama


Did you hear about this event?

Check out the details. It's not too late to participate:

Let's unite our thoughts to elect Barack Obama as our 44th President.


Florida House Speaker is Delusional


I am reading an Associated Press article entitled Fla. Presidential Primary Re-Do Unlikely By BRENDAN FARRINGTON.

The article quotes House Speaker Marco Rubio saying, "The state did what its job is. We held a presidential preferential primary Jan. 29. It was legal, it was accurate, it was fair, it was open."