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Favorite Foods for Vision - Kale

Everyone has a few favorite foods. If you are interested in healthy eyes and great eyesight, then kale should become one of your favorite foods. I will highlight other favorite foods for vision as this series progresses. However, this article is specifically about kale. It is about how to cook kale so it tastes good!Route 79 Saag

This article should be of interest to anyone with glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration or poor night vision. It also applies to anyone who wants to avoid eye diseases like those mentioned or others. In addition, athletes who depend on quick reflexes and good vision should take notice of kale.

Cooking Conversions Calculator - very functional

in has a handy conversion tool online. It is nice because it converts from volumes to weights (and vice versa) for specific foods. I used it today to figure out how much Vitamin A I am getting from the ghee that I eat.

Here is a description from their site: