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Glaucoma Patients Using Glucosamine Need to Monitor IOP

I have used glucosamine sulfate and I have not noticed any increase in my IOP. Glucosamine keeps my joints moving freely. However, I stopped using glucosamine when I read the following report from Alternative Medicine Review (subscription required) by Kathleen A. Head, ND.

Triphala may help glaucoma

I was just reading an article here about the Ayurvedic herbal formula triphala. It's a good article.

The Ayurvedic text Charaka Samnita says that Triphala is,

"a rasayana for the eyes (netra ruja apaharini), and helps prevent eye diseases such as glaucoma and cataracts."

One of the three ingredients in Triphala is Amalaki. The article says,

"Amalaki is an excellent source of Vitamin C, and is the most concentrated and absorbable source of the vitamin in the plant kingdom."

That is incorrect. It is based on some very old and completely faulty research. The research actually counted a whole group of bioflavonoids as "Vitamin C," thereby grossly inflating the actual value.

The article then goes on to say,

ALA helped to cure my glaucoma - I don't think so!

I'm looking into Alpha-lipoic acid. I have used it in the past and I want to try it again, this time while closely monitoring my IOP. As part of my research, I just ran across "ALA helped to cure my glaucoma" at What Doctors Don't Tell You (Volume 15, Issue 5).

The article is based on Patricia Knox's story which I quote below:

Does ghee contain oxidized cholesterol?

Almost every reputable seller of ghee that I can find online claims that ghee contains no oxidized cholesterol.

Here is a quote from MAPI's ghee page:

Ghee imparts the benefits of the best essential fatty acids without the problems of oxidized cholesterol, transfatty acids or hydrogenated fats. It is also resistant to free radical damage and is both salt and lactose free.

However, several western doctors or scientists make the opposite claim. Who is right?

I'm having trouble finding good quality research papers that provide a definitive answer. If anyone has some good references, please let me know.

Must Read Information for Organic Dairy Consumers


While browsing at The Cornucopia Institute's web site, I found this rating table for organic dairy marketers. This is a gold mine of information. If you consume organic dairy products, it is worthwhile to look up your brand in this table. I will absolutely not purchase an organic dairy brand unless I check here first.

Nation’s Largest Organic Milk Marketer “Deceiving Consumers”


This comes from The Cornucopia Institute. It's worth bookmarking the site.

Legal Complaint Filed by The Cornucopia Institute at USDA

Contact: Mark Kastel, 608.625.2042