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Motocross - David Bailey Update

The following is from David Bailey...



Last week, the sport showed it best side. The All-Star Extravaganza was a success thanks to the industry stepping up and showing its support and generosity. From the people who helped me carry out my vision, to Danny Harvell of Cahuilla Creek, to Ken Faught and his partner Jason Williams of Pole Position and the riders who gave their time the day after the season was over, I can never truly express my appreciation.

Floyd Landis already looks like a Tour de France winner

Floyd looked fantastic climbing Alpe d’Huez today. He looked like he had more in reserve than any of the other GC contenders.

OK, so the Tour de France isn't really motorcycle racing, but it does get in the way of the Motocross broadcasts on OLN TV, so I figure I can squeeze it in here too.

MOTOCROSS - David Bailey Can Use Your Help

In case you haven't heard, health issues have knocked down former Motocross and Supercross Champion David Bailey, and he can use your help.

Is there anything beyond traditional medical care that might help David Bailey? I would love to hear ideas that may help. Of course, I plan to donate money also.

MotoGP 2006 YTD

If you know MotoGP, then I'm sure you know that American Nicky Hayden is leading the world championship standings heading into the home GP at Laguna Seca next week. This is big news! If you are even the least bit a fan of any form of racing, you should try to watch the RED BULL U.S. GRAND PRIX on July 21-23, 2006.