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Pros and cons of (all the varieties of) vegetarianism

The Wrong Reason to Integrate Meat Into Your Diet

I posted a comment on Dr. Fuhrman's blog about his debate with someone on the Weston Price Foundation's board (Barry Groves). Comments are moderated at Fuhrman's blog, so I went back to see if my comment had been posted - it had not. But while there, I saw another article on a very similar topic. Both these topics relate to my July 14th post in the Health category of this blog.

Are The Experts Confused About Which Foods Are Healthy?

Have you ever received conflicting information about the health value of a particular diet? Of course - well all have!

In this article I want to share my viewpoint about low carb diets vs. high carb diets (and vegetarian vs. carnivorous diets).

I was inspired to write this article after reading Dr. Fuhrman’s blog . I came across a debate between Dr. Fuhrman and Barry Groves .

Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s Eat to Live is an excellent health and nutrition book in my opinion. Dr. Fuhrman favors vegetarian diets with little or no animal products. A diet like this will automatically be relatively high in carbohydrates.